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Welcome to the web pages for the BUGS project

Please note: there are two BUGS projects looking at biodiversity in urban gardens (of which this is the first). This introductory page explains the relationship between the two projects and gives access to both.

The BUGS project was a three year investigation, looking at the significance of urban gardens as habitats for 'natural' biodiversity, and the efficacy of some simple 'creative conservation' measures in enhancing that biodiversity.

The project was based in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield , UK, and funded under the U.K. Natural Environment Research Council's Urban Regeneration programme (URGENT).

Fieldwork and data analysis on the project officially finished at the end of Dec 2002, but this web site will remain in place and be updated with information about published outputs from the project.

These pages currently contain information on the following aspects of the project:

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